Sheet Bonus: Use Baselines to track project status

Licensed sheet owners and admins can enable a baseline on this sheet. A baseline is a fixed reference point in time to measure and compare a project's progress to completion. Capturing and comparing variances between the current actual schedule and the originally planned schedule is essential for tracking any deviations and allows project teams to quickly reprioritize to get projects back on track and delivered on time.
Hover over each step to view a walk-through
From the Project Plan Sheet, click the Baselines button on the right side of the toolbar.
Click Set in the summary modal to enable the baseline.
Three new non-editable columns will get added to your sheet: Baseline Start, Baseline Finish, and Variance, and you'll see the baseline visualized as a grey line underneath the Gantt bars.
Click the Baselines button again to bring up the summary modal. From here, the sheet owner or admin can toggle the baseline on/off, Reset, or Remove the baseline altogether.
As dates shift around, the Variance in the summary modal will give you a quick visual snapshot of overall project status displayed as Days behind, Days ahead, or On schedule.
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